Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 Minute Toddler Apron

Yes, I am NOT working on my list,
but this little apron will be worn once I finish the wooden kitchen.
It was raining again outside, so I used scrap fabric & wanted to sew something.
It's very simple.
But Ella loves it.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Picnic Capelet - Make it Perfect!

I totally died when I saw this Capelet from Simple Simon & Co

I know I'm suppose to be sticking to my 10 Projects I need to finish, but I had to sneak this one in yesterday over nap time.

I already had a pattern from make it perfect

Ok, so I had visions of really cute photos for this Capelet -
 In the park, Ella holding some polka dot balloons, 
wearing her gumboots. Cute huh?. 
Well, the wind picked up & it pored with rain.
So, we had Ella's first Tea Party.

It's reversible as well.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dying Fabric - Doilies - A Tutorial

A while back I made this cute Doilie Top for Ella. (Below)
Everyone loved it, including me.
Then the grandma's started to past their old Doilie on to me.
I decided to dye some because I had so many.

Here we go...
I started with the below Doilies

Dye - I used Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye
Stainless Steel Bowl
Measuring Cups/Spoons
Mixing Rod/Stick - In my case Daddy Moz's Spanner (He would kill me)
& An Apron

Step 1: Weigh dry fabric. For this dye 250g on fabric will use one packet.
 I saved the rest. 

Step 2:
Wash thoroughly & leave damp (below)

Step 3: Wearing Rubber Gloves & Apron dissolve dye in 500ml warm water

Step 4: Stir well

Step 5: Fill stainless steal laundry sink with approx 6 litres of warm water

Step 6: Stir in 5 tablespoons of salt.

Step 7: Add dye & stir well (below)

Step 7: Submerge fabric into dye. 
Stir for 15mins, then regularly for 45mins.

Step 8: Rinse fabric in cold water

Step 9: Wash in warm water

Step 10: Hang to dry

And this is what you get...

From This    -  To This 
From This    -  To This 

I also used a blue & orange dye. 
They really look so good dyed. 
I made these cuties below.

Remember when I made my own LABELS


Thursday, 22 September 2011

10 Projects I need to finish!

Like everyone (I hope) I have so many projects on the go.
So I'm making a list 
crossing them off

Here is a Sneak Peek:

1. Dying Doilies - Tut

2. Reserveable kids jacket

3. Love Map - Tut
4. Rainbow Party Invites

5. Ribbon sticks - Tut

6. Play Kitchen Makeover (Totally Adorable)
7. Outdoor Coach Make Over

8. Dining Room Photo Wall 

9. Teddy Pictures


10. Fabric wreath

Ok, I'm going to have one thing finished by tonight, will post tomorrow!!


Cup Cake Jar - Great Ideas

How cool is THIS 
So simple
My cake patty's use to look like this

Now it's like this