Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sewing Machine Cover - From a Tea Towel

I get side tracked really fast when -
I have so many ideas,
I have two little minimoz's around,
I don't have craft room!

Today I started with sewing a dinosaurs tail, 
then I jumped on the computer & started editing, 
finally I sewed the machine cover.

I do have a hard cover, 
but because I keep the cords plugged into the machine, it doesn't sit right.

I started with a tea towel for $2 

It almost fit perfectly.

Attached extra fabric to the sides.
Sewed, ironed &



Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rhino Head Mount

I love these animal heads.
They are slowly popping up everywhere.
I found mine at a kids clothing store.
It's made for pile wood & I had to put it together.
Yes, It would look good on the wall by it's self, but it needed more,
especially if it is going on Zac's bedroom door.
That door does get slammed a little bit.
Something a bit stronger!

Masters had just opened in Melbourne.
I got a hint from a friend who said you can get 
FREE sample sheets of wall paper.

I found the animal print below.

I bought a small wood plaque  

I used Mod Podge and glued the wall paper to the board

Once dry, cut the excess off

Tired a knot in some fishing wire

Hot glued the wire onto back of board.
Repeated with the other side

Let dry