Thursday, 31 May 2012

Paint Chip Sample Table Makeover

I pinned a similar table a long time ago & it took me months to get around to doing this project.
I loved the table because it was different, bright & cost me next to NOTHING!! 

I found this Coffee Table on the Side of the Road, 
(You know how I can't resist picking things up for free, remember the Wooden Play Kitchen)

I was planning on using it in our Pool Area,
So I thought that bright colours would look best.

I went to Bunnings and picked out the Colours & Size of the Sample Cards.
Make sure you get a lot more than you think you need.

The table was very dirty.
I gave it a clean.

I love that Daddy Moz has lots of tools.
This sander is cordless & has rechargeable batteries.

After a light sand

Then a clean off

I already had this can of spray paint, but they are only about $10.

First coat done.

These are the colours I choose.
I love the names on the cards.
Some of my colours were;
Hide & Seek
Pool House (Convenient)
Prom Queen
Passionfruit Poppy
Lime Leaf 
Paparazzi Pink 
(I have a soft spot for Alliteration words - the words start with the same letter. Passed on from Mum).

Missing one somehow!!
Kids Maybe...

I started to Mogde Podge Glue the cards down, but they started to curl up.
It was a warm day.
So I decided to use doubled side tape to get them in place.
Then I Mogde Podge Glued all over the whole table. 

So, I know that the photos aren't taken next to the pool.
It's been raining & freezing here Down Under.
But don't worry, I'm sure the table will get many Pina Colada's placed on it!! 



Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dinosaur Party

Zac turned 4. 
He requested a Dinosaur Party!
I started to research some party ideas 
& I pinned them here

(Warning: there are lots of photos)

The kids aboustuly LOVED these Invites!

I made big dinosaur foot print from cardboard & then laminated them.

This sign was on on either side of the front door

The dino wreathe came was from here

The glass dino bowl, great for a center piece!

I used cardboard letters. wood cuttings & a canvas bag on the table .

The banner inspiration came from here

Different types of Dinosaur Eggs!
We were lucky because it was coming up to Easter time & the shops started to stock all types of Eggs.

Oreo Balls

Killer Python's, Crocodiles & Snakes

Mud Puddles or Chocolate Brownies

Dino Cookies

Dino lollies on sticks

Green Swaps or Jelly

Tree Frogs, Whichitty Grubs & Tree Stumps

The Birthday Cake which I made. 
Similar to the Rainbow Cake.
The Rocks around the Cake are Chocolate.

"DO NOT FEED ME" Sign in the Bathroom

I got the idea for the handing pterodactyl here

Zacosaurs Water Bottles - There's a full tutorial here 

The Dinoculars were really popular!

Dino Party Hats

Coloursaurs Station

Dino Dig was a huge hit!

We had a Dinosaur Egg Hunt.
The kids went Crazy!

Pass the Parcel

Every time I looked for Ella, she was eating!

& Eating

& Eating!

Pin the head on the Dinosaur

Hope you had a Dino -Mite Time!
The Thank You Bags.

So many Presents!!

Zac had the best time with his new Kinder friends & Old Day Care ones!

Now he is asking for a Monsters & Aliens Party!!
(Why doesn't he just want to go to MacDonlads!!)