Friday, 29 June 2012

Personalised Magnetic Me

I saw THIS and thought, "How Cool"! 
Mindy from creative juice did a great job.

I had to give it a go.
I started with taking photos of the kids.
A white background & top works best.

Here are some of the photos from our mini photo shoot.

Goodness Me!

I thought the kids would love to dress the dogs up too.

It's true,
Never work with kids or Animals!!

I got some photo props from 'Oh Happy Day' HERE

Print them onto magnetic paper. 

In Australia you can buy it from Office Works.

You should do some test copies on plain printing paper to get the sizing right.

After you have printed them, let dry, then spray the sheets to protect them from scratches & marks.
Follow the directions before handling, I left them to dry overnight.

I already had these tins, (thank you notes).
They work perfectly.

I made up some labels through picasa.
Stuck it onto the tin.
 All done.

We had so much fun!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

School Chair Make Over

Yes, I found this chair on the nature strip (curb side)
Yes, I love free stuff,
No, I don't get embarrassed quickly stuffing it into the back of my car!

 It needed love.

 Daddy Moz comes to the rescue

A Router from Ryobi will cut the new wooden. seat out perfectly

 He attached a shape cutter with a bearing.

 Put the two boards together, flip, & then clamp together.

 Off it goes!

 How good is this Router!! 
My mine was working overtime about all the things I can get Daddy Moz to make now!!

A light sand.

Ready for painting.

 I wanted the distressed look, & we had NO paint brushes or rollers in house!!!
What is going on!
So I had to use a car washing sponge!
(Please don't do this at home)

The stencil I used is from Urban Stencils.

A trial run first.

A light sand over the top.
I also replaced the stoppers,
So overall it cost under $5 to Makeover!!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Paint Chip Sample ideas

There are so many different ideas for using Paint Chip Sample Cards.
When I used to make homemade Gift Cards, 
I used to use the samples all the time.
Why not! 
They are free & come in every different colour.

Here are some of my favourties;

This one is my Favourite !!