Friday, 27 July 2012

String Wall Art - A Tutorial

I love string Artwork & I remembering doing it as a little girl.
It's so easy.
This is how to do it.

You need:
A piece of wood ( cork board works well too)

Firstly use the cardboard & fold in half, draw 1 half of the love heart & cut out.

 Make sure it fits nicely.

Use the template & draw it onto the paper.
Stick it onto the board in place.

I draw the dots on the heart about .5 cm apart.
You can use it as a guide, because I didn't really stick to it.

Once done, carefully pull the paper off.

Hammer a nail in the middle too.

Start in the middle & tie it off.
Go down to the outside, wrap around, then back up into the middle.
Keep on going around & around.

Work your way up the middle of the nail as you go around. 
Picture above.

You can also make it on cork board. A lot easier to nail in.
Do random string work, that looks really effective.

Next time I think I will make a huge one.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Bathroom Makeover

We were always going to renovate the bathroom in our house 
but when we were ready.
Not to be...

 The dodgy plumber hadn't installed the shower base correctly, so over the past 8 years that we have been living here, water had been slowly escaping from the tiles (gaps in the grout) and destroying walls, carpet etc..
Insurance say it's a maintenance issue ( of course they do!!)
Lucky Daddy Moz can do most of it.

These next photos are so ugly, 
I actually thought twice about posting them.

Beautiful Boat feature Tiles!

The Mould on the walls went through to Ella's bedroom on the other side. Completely ruined her carpet, Tallboy & Bookshelves. 
Lucky her clothes were saved!

After a removing everything in the bathroom & cleaning up.
Daddy Moz started.

We bought all the tiles from ebay for $220 & 
there is still enough to do the kids bathroom. 

Daddy Moz had never tiled before & he did an unreal job.
Even the plumber asked who did the tiling for us!

 Final touches & then done!

You can get the free prints from HERE


The vanity, Toilet & Shower were all purchased from the same seller off ebay.
We managed to cut a better deal with them.
Daddy Moz made the mirror & cupboard.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Black Apple Doll

I have seen these dolls everywhere.
They are very cute.
You can pay $40 
in some shops & website.
I knew that I could make one (or 10)

The pattern is a free download form The Martha Stewart website.
Make sure you watch the video, 
it gives some really good ideas about sewing the fabric together before cutting out the arms & legs.

I am defiantly giving these little cuties out as presents! 

  I also made some little name tags for each Doll!

Ella loves everyone of them.
Maybe the Peaches a little more, because she has a tutu.
Now Zac wants a Superhero one!!